All submissions are due by October 31st, 2018.

The Brickyard has been on a break for the last couple of months, so we’d like to kick off this academic year with an issue covering just that! We are looking for stories revolving around the theme HIATUS. We welcome any submissions on this topic, as well as any off-theme content.

If you have an idea for an article but you’re not sure how to develop it, please let us know! One of our editors would be happy to work with you.

The Aggie Brickyard Call for Content

Assembling the Blocks of Ecology

Please use *this submission form* for all submissions. If you encounter any problems, contact the Aggie Brickyard Editors at brickyardeditors @

We accept submissions in any of the following categories, and will consider other formats as well. Send us anything you want to share with us!

Research Spotlight

This section will highlight the breadth of research activities and intellectual accomplishments in the GGE. Here’s what we’re looking for:

Current Science (1000 word limit)

Do you have some exciting new findings for us to feature? Please send us an article on your current research, written in a scientific journalism style. Feel free to refurbish existing press releases. Include photos!

Stories from the Field (500 word limit)

Share the joys and tribulations of your fieldwork experiences! We’re looking for anecdotes that showcase the diversity of our research systems and methods, demonstrate ingenuity, provide levity, caution, or advice, or are just plain cool. Photos, please!

Student Perspectives (500 word limit)

This is a space for students to share thoughts about their research and graduate school experience. Send us your favorite recent blog post, or write something new for The Brickyard!

Student Publications (Citation only)

  • Please send us any citations for first-author publications from the past 6 months!
  • Conference and Award Corner (One line per conference or award)
  • Please let us know what conferences you’ve attended in the past 6 months, and any awards or special recognition you received. We’d also love to include group photos of GGE members at the conference (wearing posters as capes is not required, but obviously encouraged).


This section is a space for discussion about GGE life, original satirical articles on ecology, GGE artwork, and other engaging submissions intended to build our community.

Light-Hearted Articles (500 word limit)

Submit original articles on life in Davis, the GGE, satirical science, politics, or whatever you feel. This is a chance to have a discussion with our community.

Natural History (250 word limit)

Information pertaining to the timing, location and strategies of natural phenomena. Things like migrations, breeding or bugling, wildflower shows, meteor showers, etc.

Student Group Highlights

Are you part of a student group on campus? Any updates on the current quarter? Please send us your info. Photos encouraged.

Fun and Visual

This section is for content to make people smile. Or contemplate the meaning of life…


Please send us your photography and artwork. These can be landscapes, people, places, etc. Anything that represents your research or ecology life. Feel free to make your photo submissions interactive. Readers can guess the person/place/object: any photos of ecology celebs, places, or things.


Submit your ecology or natural history poetry! Please keep it brief.

Funny stuff

Are you funny? Prove it. Send us your best ecology or science-related jokes. Jokes not your thing? We take comics. If it’s good, we’ll make you a regular.


Short stories, IM sports photos, costume photos, etc!

Did we miss something? An event or idea that you feel belongs in The Aggie Brickyard but doesn’t fit into an above category? Submit it!

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